Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Post-Op Day 5

On the Road to the Dr. on Monday, Taylor was having a struggle with Nausea although not alot of pain. Those on the Central Expressway got more than they bargained for if they looked over at Tay at just the right time. By the time we got to the Dr, he had lost most of the liquids he had taken for the morning.

Dr Genecov left town during the weekend and Dr. Barcelo did Taylor's followup and agreed to let him head home to NM. He changed Taylor to all liquid medications with the hope that the change in meds would keep down the nausea and allow Taylor to begin eating and regain strength. We left immediately after the appointment, headed to our headquarters in Arlington, packed up and were on the road a little after 4 Texas time. A quick trip through Abilene, Taylor, Oliver and I made it back to Clovis a quarter til 11 NM time.

Sunday---Day 4 Post-Op.

This is the day that Taylor had been looking for. Back to solid foods! He opened the morning with half a mini-bagel. Able to eat some, get out of bed a for quite awhile. Thought that he was on the mend until he woke up on Monday nauseated again... Face looking good symmetrically on the temple and cheek. Looking forward to the "final" look after swelling reduces more. Bruising is starting to lighten.

Saturday---NOT a good day... 3rd day post-op

Taylor woke up this morning feeling awful. Had vomitting all day, and had to make a late night run to the all-night Walgreens Pharmacy in Longview to get some Phenergen so the boy could get some rest and some relief. It appeared the swelling had moved into the other side of his face and the area under his chin/neck took on some swelling as well. Spent the whole day in bed except the times that he attempted to sit in the LR and ended up back in bed.

No Posting for Friday.

Way too busy shuffling Bryan to the airport,
sending out invites for "2 Shabby Divas" and moving to
Holly Lake Ranch for the weekend.

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