Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 3...

For those of you who have asked, and those of you who haven't, but have wondered.... yes, Taylor is fine with this blog and has been very cooperative. He knows he's very loved, people are concerned and people are curious!

So... Here we go....
Taylor had a fair night. Said he was up a couple of times, couldn't sleep. He's got his computer and phone h
andy so I'm sure he was able to get a "Scrubs" episode under his belt.

He's drank
a little apple juice and half a can of chicken noodle soup. Due to the hole in his mouth, he's decided he can't eat anything...just the soft stuff. Maybe some chocolate pudding would be a good idea?

His aunt wants to make him some chewy, chocolate brownies... I suggested she make them up, not cook them, and he can just eat the batter. Have to be with a spoon though... no straw - Dr's Orders.

The main difference today is the fat, chipmunk cheek that he acquired during the night. Looks like he had a wisdom tooth pulled!

The most wonderful thing that we did was bring Oliver with us! He thinks Taylor hung the moon, so he's a little upset that Tay isn't his normal self, so...he's making sure he's there to make Tay feel better!

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