Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day After Surgery

May 2...

This picture was taken on Tay's way home from the hospital the day after surgery.
He had a rough night with an upset stomach and some spikes in temperature. He chose to forego his breakfast of apple juice, chicken broth, coffee and jello.

The Dr came in mid-morning and decided not to discharge Taylor until possibly later in the day.

During the day he did get better and was released about 4p.m. His home for the next 10 days is his Aunt Holly's and Uncle Jim's in Arlington.
He goes to the Dr. this monday a.m. to hopefully get the drain tube removed. This has been the most painful & irritating thing to this point he has said.

He comes "home" to antibiotics, pain meds, peroxide blend for side of the head, eye drops and a mouth-swisher. Tonight he was able to get some broth down (and has kept it down so far), and has been watching a little TV.

Looks a little "beat up" the day after surgery....

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