Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Dr. Visit -- bye, bye tube...

Ever seen a cuter fella?

Move ahead 16 years!!

Appt at 10 a.m. in Dr. Genecov's office to get the
drainage tube removed. It's about a 45 minute drive
from Aunt Holly's house to the Dr's. Tay decided
to sit in the back seat...bad move....
goodbye liquid breakfast!

Poor guy..... Pretty wasted by the time we made it
for the appointment.
Thus, the unhappy look on the face.
(Course we have a few of those pics over the last few days, don't we?)

Dr. and Nurse Kelly do the duty of cutting out the tube and removing it. Hallelujah!!

Next appointment on Thursday. So far, so good. May get the go ahead to go home at that point. We will see. Not sure when able to get back to work---that seemed to be more of an unknown at this time.

Tay's Dad (Bryan) flies home tomorrow and back on thursday before the appointment so we will see!

We had Tay back home by noon.
He was able to keep down a
half can of chicken noodle soup!
Yay! He seems to be feeling
some better and is moving
about some!!

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  1. SO glad that tube is gone and that you were able to eat something, Tay! Now each day should just be better and better! You should come to Scotland to celebrate. :)