Sunday, May 3, 2009

Evening of Day 3...

How's Tay today?
Question of the day!

Well, some better. He did eat half a can of chicken noodle soup and had some protein shake. Good news, I guess, is that he's losing a little weight. (LOL) He got up for a little bit (5 minutes) in the living room to hang with his family, and then it was back to bed. All in all though, I think he is doing some better.

This first pic shows how incredible the comparison of the temple looks as well as the bottom eyelid. Wow!
However, we still have a swollen jaw...
but that shall pass!

Monday. 10 a.m. (tomorrow)
Dr's visit and the tube gets pulled!
This is the first step to feeling better.

Tay can hardly wait!

Next post will be after the Dr's visit.
Thanks for all your prayers.
We are grateful for each of you.

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  1. Poor Tay! Sorry the recovery's so hard. Hope all goes well at the dr. today and the tube comes out! Looking good...